B Side Review The Trip

Over the last decade, being a fan of The Waxing Captors has proven a frustrating experience. Since roaring, eager-eyed, skinny-hipped and totally wired, out of Ipswich in the early noughties, they quickly established themselves as an exhilarating live band, got everyone talking about them… and then split up (albeit to go to University, but the punk kids of Suffolk still cried horrible tears). Then in 2009, they were suddenly BACK: Their Mr Jason (The Secret Hairdresser)-produced comeback single, Working 9 To 5 With My Stylist, was an instant classic, causing this reviewer to foam at the mouth and leak at the loins with glee… but their comeback album, 2010’s Pleasure!, was a bumpy ride. Largely lacking the effortless tunesmithery the band are clearly possessed of, far too many of the album’s 11 songs sounded rushed, eschewing white hot garage-pop thrills for a punk-cabaret feel that, whilst commendably bonkers, quickly became rather grating.

So it’s with a pleasure bordering on the indecent that I bring you good news: The Waxing Captors are back once more, and their new single is a blast. The Trip sees the band firmly back on Stylist territory, and does exactly what the title suggests – it’s a 1’56” thrill-ride, tongue firmly in cheek, that finally sees the band combine all the ingredients thrown carelessly onto much of Pleasure! into something easy to swallow. Guitars roar, vocals howl, drums roll and spank, and the overall effect is like coming to your senses during a tequila binge to find warm sugar being drizzled into your ears by a psychiatric nurse wearing a Benny Hill costume.

And that, my friends, is a good thing. The Waxing Captors are here to thrill you silly. Jump in and take a ride.